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Open Source and Linux HP and Debian GNU/Linux HP and SUSE Linux HP and Red Hat Linux
HP Open Source Middleware Stacks CCISS Driver for Linux Bastille Cluster Infrastructure for Linux
Combined Utilities for Beowulf Clusters Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) Conservative Garbage Collector (for C and C++) Constructive Reals Calculator
CPQARRAY Driver for Linux CPQFC Driver for Linux DELI dspaceā„¢
elilo Formatting Objects Authoring (FOA) Tool Handhelds Hendrix
HPQnim HP LaserJet Linux Drivers HP Linux Inkjet Driver project HP OfficeJet Linux driver
HP-UX Internet Express IA64-linux Jahshaka Jena Semantic Web Toolkit
John's LDAP Web interface Lipi Toolkit (LipiTk) Judy Arrays Jumpstart!
LinuxCOE OpenSSI Clusters for Linux Open Source Database Benchmark Open Source Printing Foundry
parisc-linux PCI Hot Plug for Linux Performance Monitoring Pinata MES
PyChart PPTP Client Prospect Q-tools
RDF Visualizer Remote Linux install using RIB/LOE HOWTO Seagull Shoreline Firewall
SIPp Solaris-compatible Thread Library Sparta Spew
Storage Performance Monitor for Linux System Installation Suite TLAN Driver for Linux Unwind Library
Vector Math Library (VML) Vesta Configuration Management System Wireless Tools for Linux Word HTML 2 Formatting Objects (WH2FO)
Xenoprof Zoomgraph